Brush Protectors by Wilco


Brush Vest Protector

  • Made in the USA, in St Louis, MO
  • Recycled resin
  • Keeps bristles together
  • Great ventilation to allow proper drying
  • Chemical resistant so you can soak your brush overnight while still inside the Brush Vest
  • Long-lasting hinges
  • Impact resistant
  • Again, 100% Made in the USA with U.S. engineering, U.S. design, and U.S. tooling all from our facility in St Louis, MO
  • Does your cardboard brush cover get swept away to the trash?
  • Blown away by the wind?
  • Does it simply wear down to a useless piece of tattered cardboard?
  • Are you wasting valuable time trying to wrap it in foil or plastic wrap?

Our hard plastic protective cover was designed to end all of those problems. When you want to neatly protect your most valuable brushes, safely store them in The BRUSH VEST! Quick and easy protection for your brushes!

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In the U.S.

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